Waste to Wealth works to fine tune financials and rev-up revenue so you can deepen the impact of your business.


Waste to Wealth helps business owners with a social mission to strengthen financials and streamline operations so you can focus on improving the world.  

Get the analysis you need to boost your growth and guide your decisions.   We go deeper than your monthly accounting reports to find and highlight the information you need to solve the real business problems you are facing  – without a trail of endless paperwork.

Waste to Wealth can help if:

  • You know your company is growing when you look at the sales figures or the number of new clients – but you don’t see it in profits. 
  • You check your bank balance before making big decisions.
  • Demand for your products is growing, so you’re ready for a big jump in production and you need funding to make the leap.
  • You know you’ll need to talk with investors or bankers soon, and you want to go in with a polished package that they’ll be ready to fund right away.

If this sounds like you, 

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It's just like a networking event -- only better; because you know the person you'll be meeting is seriously interested in helping you grow your business.

The companies we work with are making the world better:

  • Local food companies that buy ingredients from local farms, create healthy food products, or help make good healthy food the new norm in the food industry;
  • E-commerce companies that are creating innovative products or services and also supporting health, sustainabilty, or economic development projects globally;
  • Sustainable companies that eliminate waste by upcycling and re-cycling discarded resoruces into environmentally-sound products and services;
  • Progressive publishers whose books help build knowledge and communities; and
  • Co-working space that acts as a platform for social innovation.