Social entrepreneurs are driven by impact
But we can’t make real change with weak profits or at a small scale 
That’s why I work to add revenue and multiply impact

Waste to Wealth helps business owners with a social mission to strengthen financials and streamline operations so you can focus on improving the world.  Waste to Wealth can help you

  • Raise capital and develop a solid growth plan so your company can make the leap to the next level.
  • Eliminate money stress so you can focus on your purpose, your customers and your team.
  • Create simple, efficient financial systems that give you easy access to information you need. 
  • Find and solve the financial and operational problems holding your business back from greater financial success and social impact. 


If this sounds like you, 

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Waste to Wealth clients are making the world better.  We work with:

  • Local food companies that buy ingredients from local farms & create healthy food products;
  • E-commerce companies that are creating innovative products or services and supporting health, sustainabilty, or economic development projects globally; and
  • Sustainable companies that eliminate waste by upcycling and re-cycling discarded resources into environmentally-sound products and services.