Lower East Side Ecology Center:

Waste to Wealth created a financial model for the expansion of the Lower East Side Ecology Center's e-waste recycling program and for the launch of an e-waste repair/reuse center.   For updated information about E-waste recycling visit the Lower East Side Ecology Center. 


Shoetown to Brewtown:

In collabaoration with Jimmy Carbone (of Jimmy's 43), Clarie Hartten (founder of Green Rabbits), experts in green building design, environmental sciences, and brewing Waste to Wealth sponsored and organized a forum to explore the intersection of craft brewing, green building, and job creation/economic development potential of unused or abandoned industrial buildings.  The event was in July 2012 but the conversation continues as the team begins to look at actual building sites and develops a business plan that could lead to a new local/green/ecoologically designed craft brewery!